Solar Home Systems

Burro home systems are the most affordable solution to light up multiple rooms and run numerous devices using the power of the sun.

Check out Burro’s expanding line of USB and 12-V accessories. Power televisions, fans, PA systems, sewing machines, and more using your Solar Power Center.

Solar Genset
  • • Inverter : 300W
  • • Panel : 30W
  • • Battery : 200Wh
  • • Output: 1xUSB, 4x12V, 2xMains
Solar Mobile Light & Phone Charger
  • • Dual purpose: charge phones night or day with power to spare for lighting
  • • 8 times brighter than kerosene lamps
  • • 36 hours of light on 1 day's charge
  • • Includes 1.5W solar panel and tips to charge most popular phones
  • • 2-year warranty
Solar Power Center
  • • Light 3 rooms at once
  • • Charge 4 phones at the same time, and up to 8 with available adapters
  • • Play radio and MP3 for over 24 hours on a single charge
  • • 1 year warranty

Solar Accessories

Want to make the most out of your solar system? Burro offers a wide range of accessories that charge off our Personal Solar, Solar Home Systems, Gensets, and Mains.

Bulb Holder,Cable & Switches
Security Light
Rechargeable Search Light
Rechargeable Portable Floodlight
  • • Rugged, water-proof design
  • • Hours of portable super bright light
5W LED bulb
9W LED bulb