Solar Gensets

Burro Gensets:

  • Run Televisions, computers, fans and more with clean, silent 220-volt output from the sun
  • Self-contained, well-matched system includes everything you need to get going with solar easily
  • Portable design lets you take power on the go
  • Charge in one day of full sun with included panels, or even more quickly from mains power (Plus and Pro models only)
  • Large, internal batteries run bigger loads for hours
  • Digital control panel monitors and protects system health
  • True sine-wave inverter provides cleaner output power to safely run more devices than cheap competitors
  • Expandable with easy add-on batteries and panels
  • 1 year warranty

Solar Genset

  • Inverter : 300W
  • Panel : 100W
  • Battery : 660Wh
  • Output: 1xUSB, 4x12V, 2xMains

GHC 1750.00

Solar Genset Plus

  • Inverter : 600W
  • Panel : 200W
  • Battery : 1200Wh
  • Output: 2xUSB, 4x12V, 2xMains

GHC 5550.00

Solar Genset Pro

  • Inverter : 1000W
  • Panel : 400W
  • Battery : 2400Wh
  • Output: 2xUSB, 4x12V, 2xMains


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