Solar Electrical Accessories

Knife Sharpener

    GHC 195.00

    Bulb Holder,Cable & Switches

      GHC 15.00

      Security Light


        GHC 235.00 , with motion sensor - GHC 310.00

        Rechargeable Search Light

          GHC 195.00

          Rechargeable Portable Floodlight

          • Rugged, water-proof design
          • Hours of portable super bright light

          10W - GHC 250.00, 20W - GHC 350.00

          LED Televisions

          22" (inches) Analog

          • 12 Volt

          GHC 749.00


          • Ultimate cooling without electricity

          GHC 165.00


          • Best in class sound
          • Strong FM radio reception with built-in antenna
          • Play MP3 files from pen drive or SD card
          • Connect to phones and laptops with included speaker cable
          • Recharge from USB (cable included)

          GHC 55.00

          Rechargeable PA System

          Built-in battery and can recharge or run from mains or Power Center Pro.

          • Play MP3 from flash drive or SD card or Bluetooth-phone
          • Multiple channels support 2 x wireless mics, keyboard, and guitar at same time
          • 15 inches

          GHC 1750.00

          Laptop Charger

          • Tips for most laptops included
          • 12v

          GHC 100.00

          Inverter accessory 100W

          • 12V
          • Power low-consumption 220V devices like laptops and LED televisions off the Burro Power Center Pro

          GHC 95.00

          Sewing Machine

            GHC 395.00

            Solar Super Charger

            Pair with the Power Bank 10k to charge day and night

            • Charge your phone directly from the sun
            • Extra-large 6W panel for fast charging
            • Charges most USB-compatible devices including phones, cameras, tablets, and the Burro Power Bank 10K
            • Comes with long cable and android tip, additional tips available for purchase
            • 1-year warranty

            GHC 95.00

            Rechargeable Hair Clipper

            • Rechargeable from USB or mains
            • Cordless for easy operation
            • Extra battery included
            • Runs for hours on a single charge

            GHC 195.00

            5W LED bulb

              GHC 15.00

              9W LED bulb

                GHC 20.00

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