Batteries & Chargers

Better Batteries, Lower Cost

Burro began its business with a better battery at a lower cost and continues to offer the best value in quality AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries. Burro Rechargeable Batteries are the best choice for regular usage of power-hungry devices. Invest in rechargeables now for maximum savings over time. Choose Burro Alkaline Batteries for dependable power at low, up-front cost. They hold their charge for years and perform like top global brands at about half the cost.

Rechargeable Batteries
  • • Use and reuse hundreds of times, in cameras, microphones, and more
  • • High-quality 2100 mAh NiMH AA battery selected for long life, charge after charge
  • • Far lower cost per charge than throwaways
  • • Charge fast and easy with the Burro Battery Charger
  • • No-leak guarantee
Alkaline Batteries
  • • Reliable power for cameras, microphones, and more
  • • Long shelf-life, will hold charge for years
  • • Quality compares to top global brands at far lower cost
  • • No-leak guarantee
  • • Use AA batteries in place of larger D cells
  • • Works great with Burro Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Saver
  • • Use again and again in place of a real D battery
  • • Reduces power usage
  • • Saves money
Battery Charger
  • • Fast charging- one hour for one battery,four hours for four
  • • Protect battery health with smart circuit and four independent channels
  • • Trickle charge keeps batteries topped up safely
  • • Can be used to charge any brand of AA or AAA NiMH batteries
  • • 1 year warranty