Water More, Earn More. Irrigate dry-season crops with Burro Irrigation pumps. Fry more gari comfortably with less firewood with new Gari Elephant. Split cocoa pods in half the time with the Cocoa Bongo.

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Gari Elephant
  • • Fry more gari
  • • Use less firewood
  • • Protection from smoke and heat
  • • Fry anywhere
Cocoa Bongo
  • • Open pods and collect beans in seconds
  • • Safe and comfortable to use
  • • Easy to clean and maintain
  • • Smart design and rust free
Corn Sheller
  • • Faster to use
  • • Feel less pain compared to the use of hand
  • • Wholesome, insect-free grains all year long
  • • Shell Cobs Fast and Comfortably
Manual Irrigation Pump
  • • Irrigate up to 2 acres daily for year-round farming
  • • No fuel or electricity required - runs easily from foot power
  • • Easy to maintain yourself with inexpensive spare parts available
  • • High pressure output powers up to five sprinklers
  • • 1 year warranty